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Domestic Violence

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Protecting Your Family Relationships & Reputation – New York Domestic Violence Attorney


At the Law Offices of Michael E. Talassazan, we acknowledge that domestic violence is a serious issue, but we also recognize that domestic violence allegations frequently are fabricated.  Our law firm works tenaciously to defend successfully individuals facing the threat of jail time and damage to their reputation brought by jealous paramours or spouses, co-parents with an agenda, and vindictive exes attempting to gain the upper hand in a divorce or custody dispute.  Mr. Talassazan’s decade of experience is invaluable in domestic offense cases because he understands that media attention and political pressure often encourages trumped up charges and a rush to judgment by law enforcement officers and prosecutors.  Mr. Talassazan also knows that the criminal penalties associated with domestic violence charges go beyond the immediate criminal penalty because a conviction can impact your relationship with your children, employment opportunities, professional licenses, 2nd amendment rights, immigration privileges, and housing options.


The Law Offices of Michael E. Talassazan Making a Difference in Domestic Violence Cases


Given the far-reaching consequences of domestic violence allegations, you need to be proactive about seeking out a top New York domestic violence lawyer.  Mr. Talassazan has crafted a reputation as an attorney who anticipates taking cases to trial, which mean prosecutors understand he will thoroughly investigate the facts and circumstances of every case, expose inconsistencies in the evidence and statements of the complaining witness, and tenaciously prepare his case for trial.  While this preparation and aggressive approach frequently promote plea agreement offers that involve drastic reductions in charges and sentencing, Mr. Talassazan’s priority is to develop the strongest defense possible for trial while seeking a dismissal of charges or acquittal.  This commitment to tenaciously defending his clients’ rights and reputation in domestic violence cases has earned him dozens of 5-Star reviews on multiple websites and designation as a “Rising Star” by the Thompson-Reuters publication Super Lawyers.


When you are accused of committing a crime against a current or former wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend, other parent of your child, sibling, your child, or any other relative, these cases receive special handling and heightened scrutiny.  In Manhattan Criminal Court, for example, all domestic violence misdemeanors are steered to “Part D” (the domestic violence part).  If there is a corresponding case in Family Court, the cases are sent to the Integrated Domestic Violence Part (IDV Court) in the county where the arrest occurred.  This special handling reflects the special scrutiny and political pressure that law enforcement officers and prosecutors feel when pursuing these charges.  An experienced New York domestic violence lawyer recognizes these special considerations and can navigate past the obstacles and biases they promote.


Defense Strategies Designed to Prevent Harsh Consequences of Domestic Violence Charges


Whether your case is prosecuted in New York, Brooklyn, Queens, Yonkers, or White Plains, time is of the essence in retaining legal counsel because the courts almost always err on the side of caution and impose a restraining order (also referred to as an “order of protection”).  These orders typically include a “stay away” order that keeps couples or family members separated that want to be together.  Allegations brought by the complainant also might keep you from residing in your home or restrict access to your children.  If Mr. Talassazan is representing you in court, he can seek to limit the scope of the protective order, which is a tall task in many cases even with the best legal representation.  If broad “stay away” orders go into effect, and you violate those orders even with the consent and encouragement of the purported protected party, you can face additional criminal charges.


Mr. Talassazan carefully reviews the evidence gathered by law enforcement while conducting an independent search for evidence and witnesses using private investigators.  Mr. Talassazan’s defense strategy will vary based on the charge, such as Aggravated Harassment, Criminal Mischief, Assault, Endangering the Welfare of a Child, Strangling, Menacing, or Stalking.  He conducts a thorough analysis of the facts and statements while dispatching a skilled investigator to uncover grounds for attacking the credibility of witnesses and exposing false or exaggerated allegations. Mr. Talassazan works diligently to identify improper motivations of a complaining witness like jealousy, strategic advantage in family court litigation, or other grounds.  Our law firm also closely scrutinizes supporting documents and physical evidence.  Mr. Talassazan sometimes reaches out to the complaining witness in certain cases.


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The Law Offices of Michael E. Talassazan provides over a decade of legal experience.  We recognize the high stakes in domestic violence cases, so contact us today at (917) 768-1155 or by email (info@topattorneynyc.com) to schedule your initial no obligation consultation.  We are ready to start defending your rights and fighting for your future!